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JAVA Tetris

Yes another Tetris clone!

If you dont want to download it, you can play it online here in applet form which also features high score submission!

Move piece left: Left key
Move piece right: Right key
Move piece down: Down key
Rotate piece: Up key
Change rotation direction: R Key
Pause game: P Key
New game: N Key
Submit score to high scores: S Key (when games over)

Game play
Player moves on to the next level every 60 seconds.
Every level the drop rate of the Tetris piece gets faster by 20ms.
The more rows you complete at once the more points you recive, points are as follows:

1 row: 100 points
2 rows: 300
3 rows: 600
4 rows: 900
You get bonus points for ‘dropping’ (using down key) a piece.

There are a few easter eggs. See if you can find them.