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Mobile night vision

Ever been walking home drunk in the dark? Tripping over rakes and other dangerous objects while taking short cuts? Not any more!

Mobile night vision is a application that runs on your phone. Surprisingly your phone gives out allot of light (well my phone does anyway). This application is basically a switch that turns your phones light on and off. It also plays the sound effects of the night vision goggles from the game Counter Strike when on/off is pressed.

Ive tested the application on my phone (Motorola l6) and it works perfectly so my guess is it would work on all Motorola’s fine and in theory should work on every phone the meets the requirements. If it works on your phone contact me.

Requirements: Requirements are J2ME, Mp3 playback and Mobile Media API (MMAPI); JSR 135 (most new phones have this)

Also, after I had wrote this I was told you could buy a application for $7 that did this.I may be adding flashing mode latter.