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Trading Cleaner Energy For Good


Gulf Coast Trading

Everyone has a role to play in the future of energy for generations ahead, so do us.

Our goal is to provide our global consumers with access to reliable and affordable clean energy. Gulf Coast Trading is focused on natural gas and LNG trading activities including commercial and related logistical operations.

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Towards a Cleaner World

Together with our partners, we believe in playing our role in providing a lower carbon intensive and sustainable LNG supply with an end-to-end carbon capture and storage and hydrogen solutions to help achieve the goal for a net-zero future.

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What we do best

LNG Trading & Marketing

Our focus lies in the optimisation of natural gas and LNG supply, marketing and trading including commercial and shipping logistical operations. Our upstream gas supply and midstream partnerships further enhance these activities.

In collaboration with our partners, we are dedicated to responsibly delivering the cleanest and most competitive LNG supply through collective decarbonization efforts across the entire natural gas and LNG value chain.

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